Kids Karate Davie

Learning martial arts

The Martial Arts will improve your child’s grades.
Our unique children’s program offers a lot more than just self defense and physical agility. Best of all, The Martial Arts will give your child the self discipline to study. This leads to increased concentration at school which often pays off in the form of better grades.

The Martial Arts develop your child physically.
The Martial Arts will also help your child develop physically. Our programs increase speed, stamina, and strength in children. The program also develops balance, coordination and timing. This will help in all other sports and activities.

The Martial Arts develop your child mentally.
Perhaps the scariest problem facing many parents today is the thought that their child might get involved in drugs. The number of “good kids” taking drugs at a younger and younger age is staggering. We help promote anti-drug programs. On top of this our programs are designed to promote self confidence and self esteem which gives your child the courage to say NO in the face of peer pressure. Recent studies have shown that programs that focus on personal achievement such as martial arts are vastly more effective in this area than team sports.

The Martial Arts promote leadership skills in children to help them succeed in life.
Our programs will teach your child about setting goals, leadership and taking responsibility. These qualities more than any others will help your child ensure their success in school, in college and in life.

The Martial Arts teach children self defense skills that could save their lives.
While we wish it were not even factor in our program the fact remains that we live in a world full of undesirable people. The Martial Arts will teach your child how to protect themselves from danger. This invaluable skill may even save their lives.

Your child will enjoy the Martial Arts because our high energy classes are full of excitement and Fun!
Perhaps the best part of our program, from the children’s point of view, is just how much fun the classes really are. Our high energy classes will focus your child’s energy in a positive and productive manner.